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Espresso & Coffee

Dark, strong, rich. Although it is the crema topped base to all our espresso drinks, an espresso can be enjoyed all by itself, searching out the intense flavors of each single origin bean we offer. Add a splash of steamed milk to make it an Espresso Macchiato.

Take beautiful espresso and add hot water until it is the strength of a normal cup of American coffee and you have an Americano. Though don’t confuse the two. Try a cup of Caffè Americano and you will find subtle delicious differences that set it apart from the normal cup of coffee.

Very classic and simple. A shot or two of skillfully pulled espresso with fresh steamed milk poured over. Enjoy with a burst of your favorite syrup to give it a new twist, or try a seasonal flavor like peppermint.

Italian Cappuccino
Similar to the Latte — rich espresso topped with steamed milk — but with an added layer of fine velvety micro-foamed milk and a slightly stronger espresso flavor. Bellisimo!

Need something a little creamier? How about deep Catalyst espresso infused with a steamed 50-50 mixture of milk and cream. Enjoy a thicker and richer flavor over the classic latte.

Brewed Coffee
A Full bodied, filled-to-the-brim cup of single origin coffee that will satisfy the most complex of palates. Sit back and experience the pure flavors of the beans, or add a shot of vanilla or mocha to change things up.

Cafè Au Lait
French for “coffee with milk,” a Cafè Au Lait is a half cup of regular brewed coffee (your choice) combined with deliciously frothy milk. What coffee should you choose? Don’t worry, this is one choice you can’t get wrong.

Red Eye
Coffee that will definitely keep you awake to finish that project or road trip. “Red Eye” = 1 espresso shot added to coffee; “Black Eye” = 2 espresso shots; “Green Eye” = 3 espresso shots.; 65 cents per extra shot of espresso.

Hot Teas

Sweet Ginger Peach is flavor-packed, made from fine Ceylon and Assam teas, fresh peach flavoring and ginger root. This hand-blended wonder has emerged as the most popular flavor in Revolution Tea’s award-winning line of teas.

Citrus Spice begins with Rooibos, a South African herb, then adds lemon peel, orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, and other natural herbs and spices. The result is a refreshing medley that will transport your senses to a fragrant citrus grove. Caffeine FREE

Earl Grey Lavender adds a unique twist to a popular favorite. Ceylon, Oolong and Darjeeling estate tea leaves are lightly flavored with Oil of Bergamot and combined with super blue lavender to create a wonderful, sweet tea.

Organic Green combines three Asian green teas, including Certified Organic Chun Mee, Sencha, and Idulgashinna, to produce this healthy, delicious brew. A premium full-leaf tea, Revolution Organic Green is rich in antioxidants and LOW in caffeine.

PG Tips is an English Breakfast Tea imported from England. It has been the best known and most popular brand of tea in the UK for over 75 years and is stronger than most Indian and African teas.

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