Give Away 100%?!

Catalyst Coffee Company is passionately committed to amazing coffee and a warm and inviting coffee shop culture, but for a purpose… to give away 100% of profits to community-based nonprofits, organizations, and individuals who are already doing great work in selflessly serving our world!

“Seriously?! You give away 100% of profits?!”
Yes, 100%. After paying our General Manager, employees, and all overhead, all profits are given away to community-based nonprofits in our community and around the world.

We were praying and dreaming about ways to extend the grace of God by being generous and figured that creating another nonprofit community organization that did what existing organizations already do well was, well… not worth doing. Instead of infringing on others’ turf, why not help them expand their services? So, we work to provide the service organizations and individuals in the world and community we love with financial support to continue the good work they already do!

How can I find out more?
Talk with the General Manager next time you drop in for a fresh cup of locally roasted coffee!

Catalyst Coffee Company. “LOVE GOD…love people…Love Coffee”